Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Careful Out There

So I am watching TV this morning (doing my morning 5:00 am ritual of drinking a cup of wake-me-up and watching Channel 9) and a teaser comes on and the annoucer says "Why a new study says a few extra pounds may actually be good for you."

My ears, my few (?) extra pounds and the Reese's cup I had last night perk up and paid attention. I thought, wow, I could be the healthiest person around with my "few" extra pounds!

I look up at the screen, and all I see are rather large persons from the neck down waddling down unknown streets carrying fast food bags, hot dogs, cigarettes and whatnot.

Now none of these people actually had from what I can tell a "few extra pounds" (and I know that TV supposedly adds some weight)...but I digress...

What really struck me was this...none of these people knew that they were being filmed. They were just doing what they do best, minding their own business not thinking their ass and love handles were going to be on TV.

If I was watching the news and looked up to see my ass covered in stretch pants on the screen waddling down Main Street, I would be so pissed.

I wouldn't be mad that they had me on television without me knowing promoting a story about fat people, but I would be mad that they caught me out in public in stretch pants.

Next thing you would know, my picture will be here.

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