Monday, October 5, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

Do you remember when you were little and your parents used to have dinner parties and you used to sneak to the top of the stairs so you could listen in on their conversations?

I remember it clear as day - and not just because I see a lot of myself in Sally on Mad Men whose mother treats having kids as an inconvenience, not that my mother did, no way she was an awesome mom but she did make it a point to call me recently about the line from the show when Bets told her son who complained about being bored to go bang your head against the wall, what's up with that? - anyway I remember thinking about the day I would be old enough to attend dinner and cocktail parties and how stimulating the conversation would be and how intellectual we would all be.

I am such a freaking dreamer.

Which brings me to my point - a dinner party I attended this past weekend at a certain somebody's house. Calling it a dinner party doesn't even feel right. Calling it a dinner party makes it sound like the dinner parties of our parents generation with funky outfits, smoke, gin & tonics and intellectual conversation. Like Mad Men - 70's style.

At the risk of offending anyone who was at the party there was no intellectual conversation. There were no funky outfits, no gin & tonics and certainly no smoke (we gave that up a decade ago thank freakin G*d).

It occurred to me that we should all be extremely grateful that we have no children. If we did there surely would have been a lot of explaining taking place on Sunday. At any given time the conversation topics ranged from waxing private parts, stories of a friend's indecent exposure, and bowling. You would be surprised how often bowling came up when the waxing questions started to fly.

This was not your parents dinner party.

Although it was pointed out to me that more than one of our parents would not only have held their own in that conversation, they probably could have added a great deal. Sad but true.

And should you be mistaken and think it was the alcohol talking I assure you - it was not. Beer and wine were included but it became pretty clear that they were only there to help us wash down the bean dip, guacamole, enchiladas, chili and cheesecake that we gorged ourselves on.

This experience however has left me wondering what EXACTLY our parents discussed at their dinner parties. Seeing as how Brazilian wax hadn't made it across the border (so to speak) just yet.

Something tells me church, taxes, and education are out. I'll keep you posted ;)


  1. Dang did I miss the indecent exposure story?

  2. You didn't. I was referring to "the woman".