Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DVR Alert

I am taking a break from the usual drivel I write/complain about to bring you a DVD alert for this evening.

Skippy and I are in complete agreement over the best new television show this season, Modern Family. I have it on good authority (okay I heard an interview on the radio with the Director, Jason Winer - hey, did you know he was from Baltimore? How about a nice "Hon!" shout out for the hometown boy) that tonight's episode is destined to be a classic.

First off, Shelley Long (of Cheers fame for you young-uns) guest stars as the mother of Claire and Mitchell and from the commercials looks to be a tad on the straight jacket-padded room-crazy lady side.

That, in and of itself, is totally worth watching.

But Jason upped the intrigue a bit more by cautioning that the last five minutes is going to be worthy of some serious replaying and water cooler convo tomorrow. It seems that Dylan, Haley's boyfriend, showcases his musical talents tonight. Now before you start thinking that this is another sitcom's foray into musical madness, I am anticipating a much funnier number (let's hope I'm right because Glee is about all I can take in terms of musicals).

In a little cross platform marketing the song he sings will be available on iTunes directly after the show along with a video. Apparently Reid Ewing who plays Dylan is an accomplished musician so it shouldn't suck.

I've had a lousy DVR week with the damn thing cutting off the last 5 minutes of every program so I may actually have to watch the show in real time (horror!). Do you have any idea what it is like to watch a dozen shows ALL with the last 5 minutes missing? Thank God for Hulu and Fancast!

Happy viewing people :)


  1. Julie Bowen is also from Baltimore. I went to Sunday school with her. Pre-Judaism.

  2. Well that episode was SO not as good as I expected.